THE POTTER - RussStoeckelPhotography


AUGUST 9, 2013

These are some recent photos I took of Steve Rolf at work in his pottery studio. I've known Steve since grade school, long before he started pottery, and I've seen his work grow and he has since become a known potter. It was very interesting to watch him work and how he could take a lump of clay and form it into a beautiful work of functional art. As I was photographing him, I noticed he did everything with such ease. He knew exactly how to shape his fingers and move his hand to form each item he was making. His work is all fully functional so you can use it for every day use and not just put it on a shelf and collect dust. I have never tried to put a hunk of clay on a wheel and see what would come out, but I'm sure it wouldn't look anything like a bowl or a plate. If you are interested in his work or would like to find out when he is showing his pottery, see him at

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