STILLWATER, MN WEDDING : ELISA +ROB - RussStoeckelPhotography


JUNE 11, 2014

I've known Rob and Elisa for several years. In fact, I worked with Rob for a few years at a restaurant. When working with Rob, I would ask "How's it going?" and he would reply "Livin' the dream." I know that he wouldn't always mean it, but he always had a great outlook on things. A few days after their wedding, Rob said, "I can now say "Livin' the Dream" and mean it. I'm with my wife, on the bike, in the mountains." This time, I know he really meant it. Elisa and Rob, it was an honor to have spent the day with you both and to photograph your wedding.

The beautiful details...

A proud look...

A special moment...

Elisa and Rob, I know you both will always be "Livin' the Dream" with each other. Congratulations!

Wedding Location: Trellis

Reception: Applewood Hills Golf Course

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