December 5, 2014

"The 12 year old boy that wanted to give me his chocolate cupcake now wants to give me his last name". How cute is that? That was Elizabeth's engagement announcement on Facebook. These two have been together for quite some time. They now live in Milwaukee, but came back to see their families at Thanksgiving and also have their engagement photo session.

This was our first meeting and David was a little nervous about being in front of the camera. He quickly loosened up when he found out that he didn't have to be smiling at the camera the whole time.

We started out the cold afternoon at the Guthrie Theater. It's a wonderful place for photos inside or out.

We then headed downtown to the "W" Hotel. Elizabeth and David could cuddle up in front of the fireplace or cozy up in a corner.

From downtown, we crossed the river to St. Anthony Main and the Stone Arch Bridge.

When we finally got to the bridge, the sun was setting behind the skyline and the temperature was starting to drop, but these two seemed to stay nice and warm...

Elizabeth and David finished their engagement session at a quaint little bar warming up and sipping on Irish coffee.

I was more than happy to spend an afternoon with Elizabeth and David for their engagement pictures. I can't wait to document their first day as husband and wife.

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